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We the undersigned petition Mole Valley District Council to refuse to lease the BMX and Mountain Bike Track at Ranmore to a company with a Commercial Interest. More details

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More details from petition creator

The site should be kept within community control and with open or low admittance access fees charged.

All options for the rejuvention of the site should be considered alongside any proposals from commercial companies. Grants funding, community interest company and volunteer led agencies should be approached.

This facility is much loved and used by young people and active adults and it is needed more than ever following Covid-19 and the restrictions which have been placed on the community.

Current signatories

Tracey Armston-Harwood, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Lisa Scott
  • Francesca Phillips
  • Jenni Knight
  • Whitney Thompson
  • Jackie Tyrrell
  • Caroline Lang
  • Erik Szymonski
  • Jo petty
  • Nicola moore
  • Angel Rogers
  • Frances McGinnis-Ralph
  • Erica Deadmarsh
  • James Knapp
  • Sidney moore
  • Pollyanna Richardson
  • James Ralph
  • Nicola Bailey
  • Jake arnold
  • John Wright
  • Kenneth Hollis
  • Debbie Turner
  • Matt Fox
  • Caroline Kilbride
  • Nicole Harcombe
  • Martyn Harcombe
  • Richard martin
  • Lloyd Taylor
  • Bryn harcombe
  • Amy Harcombe
  • Michael carter
  • Alex Cissokho
  • Justin Turner
  • Beth Weller
  • James bacon
  • Frances hampshire
  • Christine Bailey
  • Jack Thomas Newsham
  • Sian Brewster
  • Kate Neilly