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We the undersigned petition Mole Valley District Council to Consider the placement of a collection facility within Dorking for crisp packets to facilitate recycling with Terracycle. More details

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More details from petition creator

Parents and children of St Martin's primary school and other primary schools in the area have been collecting thousands of crisp packets for recycling under the Terracycle/Walkers crisps initiative which started last December. We have raised money for our schools,but are limited due to lack of space to store the packets. In March, a free recycling point wasinstalled at the offices of East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) to encourage more people to recycle crisp packets and sweet wrappers with Terracycle. Please consider installing a free MVDC recycling point that we can all use to help recycle, keep Dorking green and beautiful, and reduce the impact of single use plastic on our planet.

Current signatories

Helen Jones, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Alena Kubyshkina
  • Helen Humphreys
  • Shelley Steijger
  • Tim jones
  • Nicole Lau
  • Tracy Williamson
  • Tracy Medhurst
  • Jennifer Cochrane
  • Caroline Warner
  • Bryony Hawkins
  • David Bedford
  • Catherine Davey-Turner
  • Maryam Fielden
  • Lucy Brown
  • Liz Rae
  • Mihaela Haritonova
  • Masons Paddock RA
  • Oliver Dodd
  • Janet Mercer
  • Samuel Crome
  • Pam Muggridge